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Plasterer’s joy after BPH one-stop-setting procedure


I’d always considered myself fit and hardy; My day job is physical graft, plastering and tiling, and I love it! But when I started to get symptoms of enlarged prostate, it rocked my world and I found it hard to accept.  

Perhaps this is why I ignored it for so long: I told myself, “Andy, just crack on and it’ll disappear, it’s nothing”. As much as I tried to bury and hide it, my wife (at the time) noticed. I’d tell her it was in her head, “nothing, nothing at all was wrong”. 

Except it was. It crept up slowly, eating away at my mental health, my sex life and my social life. After a pint out with friends, I resorted to putting a bucket next to the bed at night because of all the loo trips I’d inevitably need. The mornings after were brutal: I’d have a full bladder and not be able to go. 


Over time, I went out less and less. I turned into a home bird – someone I didn’t recognize. And, dealing with it alone was tough, and tougher still when my wife (at the time) and I decided to divorce. 

One particularly depressing week, my friends took me out for a drink to cheer me up. Little did I know, it would change my world. Three pints in and I completely lost the ability to pee.  I was so desperate and so uncomfortable; I ended up in A&E. 

Now, I had to talk about it. Given catheter and conversation, I finally felt liberated. 

I was quickly referred to Bolton hospital. The amazing team put me at ease, helped me open up and talk about it. The wait for treatment wasn’t long, just three months. Of course, at the time, it felt like an eternity because the catheter became like a ‘ball and chain’ keeping me from my job and giving me a series of infections. I also found the tablets (I was taking in the meantime) gave me excruciating bladder spasms.

By January 2023, I had in the UroLift procedure in a one-stop-setting. I was pleased that the procedure was under local anesthetic because it was easier, less fuss for me and saved time for everybody.  Within days I was able to return to a sense of normality. 

I actually giggled with joy at this strong stream of pee – the power of it was amazing!

Getting back to my team at work, going out with friends and not worrying about accidents and getting back into the dating scene - without fear of sexual performance problems - all followed. I’m so grateful to the team for getting me back to my life quickly. Now, I’m optimistic about the future and meeting someone new.

– Andrew (Andy) Williams, 53, Bolton

“Our one-stop clinic in Bolton has improved the treatment pathway for men with lower urinary tract symptoms. Previously, patients would wait for six-months to get a plan to treat their symptoms, and then have a year-long wait for surgery after that. My experience with the UroLift System is that it is minimally invasive and can be delivered using just numbing gel for anaesthetic. It has improved my patients’ quality of life while preserving their sexual function. Using the UroLift system in the outpatient setting means patients receive their treatment much earlier and get to go home the same day.”

 – Neil Harvey, Consultant Urologist at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Safety Information

Indicated for the treatment of symptoms of an enlarged prostate up to 100cc in men 50 years or older. As with any medical procedure, individual results may vary. Most common side effects are temporary and include hematuria, dysuria, micturition urgency, pelvic pain, and urge incontinence (Roehrborn, J Urology 2013). Rare side effects, including bleeding and infection, may lead to a serious outcome and may require intervention. Consult the Instructions for Use (IFU) for more information.

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